How Do I Create A Custom Function To Use In My Sheet?

To create a custom function in Google Sheets, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google Sheets spreadsheet where you want to create the custom function.
  2. Click on the Tools menu, then select Script editor. This will open a new tab with a code editor.
  3. In the code editor, you will see a default function called “function myFunction()”. Replace “myFunction” with the name you want to give to your custom function.
  4. Define the parameters of your function by listing them in the parentheses after the function name. For example, if your function needs to take two numbers as input, you would write “function myFunction(x, y)”.
  5. Inside the curly braces of the function, write the code that will perform the desired operation. You can use the built-in functions and operators of Google Apps Script, as well as any variables or data from the spreadsheet.
  6. To return a value from your function, use the “return” statement followed by the value you want to return.
  7. Save your changes by clicking the Save button in the code editor.
  8. You can now use your custom function in your spreadsheet by typing the function name and its parameters in a cell, just like any other built-in function. For example, if your function is called “myFunction”, you would type “=myFunction(A1, B1)” to use it.

Note that custom functions can only be used in the spreadsheet where they are created, and they are not available in other spreadsheets or documents. If you want to use your custom function in multiple spreadsheets, you can publish it as an add-on and install it in each spreadsheet where you want to use it.