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What is a data structure?

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A data structure is a type of information storage which stores information in a way that makes the elements easy to identify and locate by using pointers to other elements in the list or constructing this list from another list or array. The main reason why people use lists over arrays is because they allow for much faster searches and searches that do not require complicated logic. Additionally, they also help to prevent "memory leaks" which can cause your program to run slower by constantly reallocating space unnecessarily .

Data structures store and retrieve data. Their goal is to provide a way to:

store large amounts of data efficiently, and
quickly find subsets of this data, so you can work on them.
A computer's memory is limited by its size and capacity; it must decide what parts of the stored information are most important for its purposes at any given moment in time. Data structures help solve this problem by providing different ways to store data, which let you specify how quickly or slowly each piece of stored information can be found again. For example, if your app needs quick access to the latest weather report for today but is less concerned with tomorrow's forecast then storing them separately may be useful.

Posted : 28/10/2021 1:23 pm